MeHerzlich Willkommen! My name is Anita Frohlich. I am the happy wife to a wonderful husband and the proud mother of three four small children. This blog is my first step back into the legal community after several years of maternity leave.

Why did I choose to write about comparative law? Because it is an area that has picked my interest for a very long time. In fact, ever since I took Latin in high school, I was fascinated by the way law is influenced by language. When it was time for me to choose a course of study, I enrolled at the University of Passau, Germany where I pursued a law degree in combination with subject-specific language classes  in Spanish, Italian, French, and English. The latter two were advanced courses specifically focusing on legal aspects and language. Soon, however, I realized that this was not enough. I had to immerse myself in another legal culture in order to really grasp its nuances. Hence, in 2002, I enrolled in the law school of Université Aix-en-Provence, France and earned the degree maîtrise en droit (générale) a year later. After finishing law school in Germany, I wanted to better understand the common law and went on to study at the University of San Diego, School of Law finishing with an LL.M. in comparative law.

My legal studies in different countries have excited my interest in comparative law as a research tool and topic. In fact, it made me realize that comparative law not only serves to understand foreign laws, it also helps to better understand domestic law. Surprisingly, comparative law only plays a marginal role in the legal discipline.

This blog is intended to be a forum in which I will share my discoveries and thoughts as I re-enter into the area of comparative law. I plan to write about comparative law methodology as well as subject matter comparative law. My hope is that this blog will make comparative law accessible to a broader (not only academic) audience and, hence will change the way it is viewed.